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Regto (レグト Reguto) is a supporting character in the Gachiakuta series. He was the foster father of Rudo and lived together with him in the slums before he was murdered by an unidentified assailant inside his home.


Regto appears to be a tall, middle-aged man with shaggy middle-parted hair and an unkempt goatee. Like most of the people of the slum, most of his garments are dirty and worn out. He wears a long-sleeved shirt, characterized by thick collars and vertical stripe patterns with a fiery mark on top, which is fastened at the waist. Over it he sports a tasseled poncho with half-sleeves and fading patterns. He wears baggy trousers and over it fastens a band of thick fabric around the lower shins and ankles that has vertical stripe patterns.[1]





  • Rudo: At some point before the start of the story Rudo's father was thrown into the Abyss and was abandoned as a kid. Then Regto took the abandoned Rudo and filled the position of a foster parent ever since. He shows great familial affection towards Rudo and also seems to regularly tend to Rudo's scars. He also strongly scolds Rudo for salvaging trash around the city, fearing that he would end up with the same fate as his father.[1]




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