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Rudo (ルド Rudo) is the protagonist of the Gachiakuta series. He is the foster son of Regto and was living in the slums before he was accused of murder and sentenced into the Abyss.


Rudo is a young boy with large eyes and distinct red irises and messy ashe blonde hair. Like most of the people of the slum, most of his garments are dirty and worn out. He wears a loose vest with square neck and vertical stripe patterns. Over it he wears a large hoodie that has a characteristic shide-like patterns running down the middle. He wears loose pants and over it fastens a band of thick fabric around the lower shins and ankles that has vertical stripe patterns.

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Due to physical abuse during his childhood his hands were scarred by his parents, showing distinct signs of severe damage—concentric growth ring-like patterns within damaged bands in the skin—from fingertips all the way up to his elbows. He wears large gloves with a ring in the center, given to him by Regto, over bandages which soothes excruciating pain from the scars and also allowed him to escape disgusted gazes from people. He seems to take them off only when his hands are being tended by Regto.[1]




Rudo was born and raised in the slums of Heaven. For his entire life, Rudo's arms were left scared and in constant pain. Rudo claims to have been given said scars by his parents, but its unclear how. Rudo was later left parentless at a very early age, due to both his parents being exiled for being murderers. Regto, another tribes person, took Rudo in and cared for him, giving him his cherished gloves, telling him to keep them cared for, for if he did, a soul will dwell in it. It was this action that made Rudo cherish all trash, and he would begin to break into trash disposing facilities, becoming known as the 'Trash Vandal'.

These actions and scars made Rudo an outcast even in the slums, despised by many who were trying to remain crime free in order to remove the stigma around tribes folk and their criminal past. The only friend Rudo had in childhood was Chiwa, who he later grew feelings for.


Late at night, Rudo is once again taking trash from a waste collection site. A guard hears and finds Rudo, recognising him as the trash vandal from previous reports and alerting the rest of the facility to track him down. Rudo barely escapes, suffering a wound in the process, and retorts to being called a vandal by the guards. Later in the slum, Rudo is looking over the trash he collected, with nearby tribes people commenting on him, annoyed by the fact the entire slum will face possible consequences. Chiwa then appears and scolds Rudo for collecting trash again. Some nearby kids approach, commenting on Rudo's appearance despite not living much better themselves, and bring up Rudo's parents criminal past, and claiming he is much the same himself. Rudo glares at the boys, scaring them off. Chiwa comforts Rudo, and notices the stuffed bunny toy which he collected, which Rudo promptly gifts to her. Returning home, Rudo finds out Regto overheard the two, teasing him for it. Regto discovers Rudo returned to the trash site and after seeing his wound, warns Rudo not to return to the site, as he could face the same fate as his parents.

Regto gives Rudo advice on Chiwa, to which Rudo practices. On his way to meet Chiwa, he watches another criminal be dropped into the Abyss and wonders what fate awaits those down there, before being surprised by Chiwa. He expresses his feelings to her as best as he can, and he gives her the fixed bunny doll. The exchange goes well, and Rudo, excited by the outcome, rushes home to tell Regto. Not watching where he's going, he bumps into a cloaked figure. The mysterious person picks up a book they dropped and runs off, leaving Rudo confused by he continues on his way. He opens the door to Regtos home, only to be greeted by his impaled body. Rudo drops to the floor and asks who did this, but Regto, barely holding on, told Rudo to run. To change the shitty world. Before anything else can be said, Rudo is tasered by the police who arrest him on the for the murder of Regto due to having his blood all over him. Rudo is hung above the abyss as the people gather and watch his exile, calling him filthy. Rudo spots Chiwa on the crowd and calls to her, only for her to reject him and accept him as what everyone is calling him; a murderer. She drops his bunny, and walks away. The crowd slowly begins to to blend into one screaming voice as Rudo loses all hope. He spots on the crowd the cloaked figure he bumped into, and is dropped into the abyss. He screams up to the slowly disappearing island that he will kill all of them. He enters a void of total darkness, before appearing in a calm spot of sorts between two layers of clouds. This is the last site Rudo sees before being knocked out, and he awakens amongst a pile of trash with a terrible smell. Behind him, a figure emerges. A beast.[1]

Rudo begins to run from the beasts, as more and more emerge and chase Rudo. The beasts seem to be living clumps of trash. As Rudo barely evades one, he notices a human skull beneath his hand, and curses out the people above for condemning him to this hell. The air around Rudo is deeply toxic, and he finds the more he breathes, the harder it is. He desperately searches for a safe place, only see a void of trash in all directions. He begins to cough up masses of blood which alerts the beasts. Facing despair, Rudo thinks back to how helpless he was when Regto died, but this in turns gives him the strength to fight the beasts. He grabs a stick and begins to clash. The endeavour seems helpless, as no matter what he does the beasts can regenerate from, or simply shake off. About of be crushed by trash, Rudo is saved by a masked figure with an umbrella. The man gives Rudo a mask, which allows him to breathe. Rudo realises the man too is human, and asks him many questions, much to the mans annoyance. The man explained this is not the abyss but rather, the surface, and screams at Rudo to be quiet, which just alerts the beasts to them. He explains the beasts are Aberrant Beasts while transforming his umbrella into a blade. He enters battle with the beasts, but Rudo notices when he cuts them, they remain dead. The man disposes all four beasts and reveals himself as Engine, a Janitor.[2]

Rudo awakens in chains, being dragged by Engine. Engine explains the place Rudo came from is called heaven, and it's impossible to get back to right now. After showing his strong desire, Engine tells Rudo he will teach him what it's like to live in the abyss. Engine drops Rudo at a pick up point with several vans and leaves. As Rudo demands answers, a group of masked men come from the vans and recognise him as a sky person. The men take their masks off excitedly and are intrigued by Rudo. The men are seemingly hospital, offering to take his chains off. Rudo, however, finds himself once again chained up in one of the vans. The men show off their true colors, revealing plans to sell his body and clothes off for a very high price. The men claim to be doing this due to hatred for the sky people who have been dumping trash onto the surface for generations, and they force feed some food to Rudo. Rudo takes the chance to bite the skin right off the leaders finger who recoils in pain. The men prepare to retaliate but are shocked by Rudos gloves beginning glow in his rage at everyone for their treatment of trash. Rudo transforms the chains, and the men are shocked by the fact heaven had a Giver, and they aim for the chain which they believe to his only weapon, however upon destroying that, Rudo transforms a tire, shocking all who witnessed it, some even thinking it to be unfair. As Rudo begins to give the final blow, Engine calms him down, and offers to train Rudo in his powers if he becomes a janitor, which he declines.[3]

Engine takes Rudo to a nearby town in the abyss to get checked up by a doctor, who is surprised Rudo is even alive. After the checkup, Rudo continues to decline becoming a janitor, but Engine puts bluntly that the abyss isn't a world where he will get information for free. Engine treats Rudo to a meal, and Rudo is shocked by the fact the abyss has a working society in it. As he eats, Engine begins to explain how his abilities work. Rudos power come from his Jinki, which is the thought that has dwelled in his gloves after years of being cared for. Aberrant beasts are another form of this jinki. People such as Engine and Rudo who can use the jinki are called Givers, and the Janitors are an organisation aiming to exterminate aberrant beasts. Rudo thinks about what Regto told him about souls dwelling in cherished items and is thankful to him once again. With that, Engine concludes the conversation, and gives Rudo the money he got from selling his clothes, to which his has an outburst. In his rage, said money is stolen by a cat, and Rudo begins to chase after it. He grabs a stick and traps the cat, only for an angry man to come after him and snatch the stick back. Rudo notices this man too is a janitor like Engine, but the man in anger begins to transform his stick into a bladed staff in order to 'educate' Rudo.[4] The man swings at Rudo strikes the ground in front of him, speaking his name and calling Rudo a 'prodigy'. The man reveals himself as Zanka Nijik, and is a janitor acquainted with Engine. Rudo tries the calmly explain why he took the stick but Zanka is having none of it, keen is beat the lesson into Rudo. Struggling with what to do, Rudo thinks back to a lesson Regto taught him, that he has to compromise in order to get others to listen. Rudo apologises to Zanka, to which Zanka too apologises for lashing out, showing a rather sweet side now. Rudo is shocked Regtos words worked, and the two begin to bond over their jinki and the janitors. Trying to go the extra step, Rudo attempts to smile which results in an incredibly creepy, almost mockful face, which angers Zanka. Rudo does not understand why he is angry and tries another attempt at a smile, which Zanka continues to be angry over. The two begin to bicker. The two realise they will never get along and once again prepare to battle, but Zanka too is shocked by Rudos ability to turn all items into a jinki.[5]

The battle begins, and Zanka states that despite Rudo being a prodigy, he is no match for a 'super ordinary' guy like Zanka. Rudo is suddenly surprised by Zankas staff crashing in front of him due to never seeing him throw it, but before he can even finish that thought he is thrown backwards by a strike from the stick. All Rudo is able to do is defend against the endless array of attacks, and the one swing he gets in Zanka easily evades, leaving but a splodge on his cheek. Zanka pins Rudo down, the fight seemingly over, but Zanka notices the splodge on his cheek and discovers it is actually poop. Disgusted by the fact Rudo is using a plunger to fight, Zanka begins to flee, trying his hardest to avoid getting poop on him. Engine picks up Rudo and Zanka and finds the story hysterical, Rudo left shocked by the fact he fighting with poop. Engine reveals Zanka will be Rudos mentor, and he is in fact the best jinki handler among them. In the back, Riyou was tagging along, and she is fascinated by Rudos hair, which he is left in shock by.[6]

After arriving finally at the janitors HQ, Rudo exits the car is incredibly ruffled hair that had been played with by Riyou. The group enters the building and meet Semiu the receptionist. She uses her glasses jinki to measure Rudos potential and she is impressed at how well off he is already, stating the only training he needs is in his abilities. Engine gives Rudo a rundown of the janitors make up and offers him to meet a few, but is overwhelmed by the amount that were there so simply opts to head straight to the boss. However, it turns out the boss is away, so Riyou offers Rudo to observe their work.[7] The request is a simple one, to clear out a group of small aberrant beasts. Semiu explains the details of the plan to Rudo, which reveals a lot of details left out by lazy Engine. The request will be in a contaminated zone so a mask will be required. Rudo looks in awe at the large amounts of trash in this zone which he refers to as 'treasure'. Riyou introduces the supporters, non-giver janitors who are still vital in the janitors organisation. Just one of these supporters are incredibly strong which both Rudo and Riyou find incredible. The beasts are then spotted and Rudo is overwhelmed by the amount, but Riyou claims they are perfect to observe to be being so docile. Needless to say, they were not docile, and they begin to run from something 'worst' coming, but Riyou remains calm, teaching Rudo to survive as a janitor its vital to have an ease mind. Rudo maintains an ease mind, even when a giant aberrant beast breaks through the walls, though perhaps it was simply shock. Riyou, however, is excited at the prospect of of facing such a strong opponent, and faces the beast first. [8]


Rudo is found to be a giver with his gloves as his main jinki. He's also labeled as a 'Prodigy' by the abyss people for his ability to use as a jinki and draw power from every object he touches.


  • Regto: At some point before the start of the story Rudo's father was thrown into the Abyss and was abandoned as a kid. Then he met Regto and was taken in, Regto filled the position of a foster parent ever since. Though he has no small familial affection towards Regto, Rudo also feels he is beholden to Regto for raising him. Consequently, Rudo goes around the city to hunt for salvageable trash and earn money to support the family despite Regto disagreeing with his criminal methods. However after Regto was murdered by an unknown assailant he is seen by the public as Regto's murderer.[1]
  • Chiwa: Rudo had a crush towards Chiwa, and Chiwa also seemed to show signs to reciprocating his feelings. However, when Rudo was convicted of Regto's murder and he turns to her for her support against the claims, he sees Chiwa losing her trust in him and believing him to be a murderer. From that moment, their special connection was lost and apparently she is now also one of the people Rudo vows to "send to hell".[1]




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